Rural & Agricultural Finance Seminar Series

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The USAID Agricultural office with the participation of Microenterprise Development office have developed this curriculum to offer trainers, facilitators, and rural and agricultural finance programs an easy-to-use and highly adaptable set of tools and presentations to advance their programs. The philosophy underlying the materials is that a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between rural finance and agricultural finance, particularly value chain financing, offers a powerful tool to individuals working to extend finance to the un- or under-banked in developing countries.

The seminar series is divided into a set of 9 modules covering the following subjects:

  1. The History of Rural & Agricultural Finance & Its Importance for Development
  2. Rural & Agricultural Finance Seminar Framework
  3. Demanders of Rural & Agricultural Finance
  4. Suppliers of Rural & Agricultural Finance
  5. Enabling Environment for Rural & Agricultural Finance
  6. Rural & Agricultural Finance Specialty Topics
  7. Market Assessment for Rural & Agricultural Finance
  8. Measuring & Evaluating Success
  9. Back at My Desk: Next Steps & Action Planning

The website from which you can download the materials provides key details, presentations and handouts that allows seminar planners or facilitators to adapt or build a curriculum. More specifically, each module includes:

  • A 'Core' PowerPoint presentation
  • An 'Optional Activities' PowerPoint presentation
  • Handouts for each Core presentation
  • Supplementary materials for each activity
  • Facilitator's guidance (embedded in the "Notes" section of the PowerPoint presentations)
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