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Measuring COVID-19 impacts, mitigation and awareness in select Low- and Lower-Middle Income Countries

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The survey measuring COVID-19 impacts, mitigation and awareness commenced in 3 sub-Saharan African countries, namely South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. 

It covers areas such as business challenges, farmworkers, difficulty in sell crops, financial health and its sources that are relevant to the rural finance community. It also provides national Covid-19 livelihood impact indicators in more than 50 areas. 

Document Information

Document Type Reference Material
Author Jeoffreys-Leach, S., Berkowitz, B., Robertson, G.
Year of Publication 2020
Publisher Insight2impact
Number of Pages 26
Region / Country 全球, 非洲 / Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa.
Primary Language 英语
Keywords Survey, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Livelihood impact
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