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Potential Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies by Posts: A White Paper on Postal Financial Inclusion

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The Post has held a central and trusted role in society over the last few centuries. It has done so by leveraging one of the largest physical distribution networks in the world offering unprecedented last mile access to deliver postal, social, and financial solutions. Posts are well positioned to address the main challenges that impede financial inclusion and studies have shown that Posts are comparatively better positioned than other financial institutions to provide financial services to segments of the population that tend to be excluded.

There are already some examples of Posts around the world leveraging or experimenting with distributed ledger technology (DLT) to provide financial and logistics services. This white paper explores some of the current and potential use cases of DLT, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies by Posts

Document Information

Document Type Paper
Author Saleh Khan
Year of Publication 2019
Publisher Universal Postal Union
Number of Pages 13 pages
Region / Country 全球 /
Primary Language 英语
Keywords Cryptocurrency; Financial Inclusion
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