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Growing inclusive agri-food value chains benefitting African famers and SMEs

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UNDP AFIM developed and launched the 'African Agribusiness Supplier Development Program’ (AASDP) with its toolkit and training manual earlier this year, which supports smallholders’ and SMEs’ production, productivity and market linkages with larger off-takers and contributes to employment generation, income generation, food security and agricultural transformation.

AFIM has continued to provide support to the development of national Agribusiness Supplier Development Programs in Angola, Kenya and Nigeria, and started operations in 3 new countries - Côte D'Ivoire, DRC and Rwanda. Currently each country has developed a feasibility study and project document and is looking for funding and technical partners in the implementation of the programme.

undp toolkit  -  英语

Document Information

Document Type Toolkit
Author Marije Boomsma, Remco Mur, Ellen Mangnus
Year of Publication 2014
Publisher UNDP
Number of Pages 196 pp.
Region / Country 全球 /
Primary Language 英语
Keywords Agricultural Supply Chain, Agribusiness, Smallholder Farming, Agricultural Value Chains, Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes)
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