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Private Equity Investments and Agricultural Development in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

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Private equity (PE) and venture capital are forms of investment that bring together specialised fund managers and investors to provide equity investments into private (i.e. non-publicly listed) companies. Compared to other emerging markets, the PE industry in Africa is still at an early stage of development but several circumstances suggest that its growth is proceeding at a sustained pace.

The agribusiness sector in Africa has become an increasingly important destination for investments, and investment in this sector is projected to grow further in future. PE may represent an additional, important source of capital for agriculture. However, due to lack of publicly available data, very little is known about PE deals concluded in Africa, where they stand within the panorama of agribusiness investments and the impact they have on local economies.

This study seeks to shed some light on the volume and the characteristics of PE investments in agribusiness in Africa, with the objective of assessing whether, and how, these could contribute to developing the sector.

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Document Type Paper
Author Silici, L.; Locke, A.
Year of Publication 2013
Publisher Future Agricultures Consortium
Brighton, UK
Number of Pages 32 pp.
Region / Country 全球 /
Primary Language 英语
Keywords Private Enterprise Development, Agricultural Development
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