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Creating Access to Agricultural Finance - Based on a horizontal study of Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand and Tunisia

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The study intends to draw broad lessons from the history of public participation and the support provided by international donors for agricultural finance in numerous countries. It also make a diagnostic of the current situation, put forward the reasons for inadequacy between supply and demand for financial services in the sector and analyse the various solutions that have been found and  submit proposals for the creation of financial products that are responsive to the agricultural sector’s needs and constraints. It elaborates on the elements that are key to innovative agricultural finance: reduce delivery costs, adapt to agricultural growth patterns and cash flow cycles and use value chains to ensure proper loan repayment.

Creating Access to Agricultural Finance  -  英语

Document Information

Document Type Case Study
Author Reuben Jessop, Boubacar Diallo, Marjan Duursma, Abdallah Mallek, Job Harms, Bert van Manen
Year of Publication 2012
Publisher AFD
Number of Pages 122 pp.
Region / Country 全球 /
Primary Language 英语
Keywords Agricultural Finance, Innovations
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