Microfinance lessons

There are fifteen lessons available so far. You can go direct to the Lessons website or click a lesson title below to start an individual lesson.

Lesson  1: Microfinance: what is it all about? 
Lesson  2: What's wrong with government credit schemes?
Lesson  3: The importance of savings
Lesson  4: The financial reality of business enterprise
Lesson  5: Collecting and analysing financial information from micro enterprises
Lesson  6: Can they afford to borrow? Rates of return and the cost of money
Lesson  7: Understanding the accounts of financial service providers
Lesson  8: Financial service providers and the law
Lesson  9: Doing without subsidy – financial planning for small microfinance providers
Lesson 10: Managing arrears and defaults
Lesson 11: Using and promoting groups
Lesson 12: Commercial success or social concern? The microfinance dilemma
Lesson 13: Adopting a client-driven approach
Lesson 14: Taking gender into account
Lesson 15: Can commercial banks “do” microfinance?

Important information for first time users

Each lesson will take a serious learner about an hour to complete. The lessons are designed as a series of pages, each of which contain some information to read and in most cases an exercise to do. Many of them are based around a story. The exercises may take the form of reflective questions in which you are invited to write your own thoughts or a variety of quizzes involving yes or no choices, matching sentences, missing words or ranking exercises. Some involve simple arithmetic calculations. Each exercise is followed by a button to click which will tell you if your answer is correct in the case of a quiz or calculation, or provide suggested answers to reflective questions which you can compare with your own answers. To benefit from doing a lesson you should try to answer all the questions and complete the exercises. Nobody will be looking over your shoulder, so it is up to you and how much you want to teach yourself!

At the end of each lesson, you will be able to download some relevant reading material and a lesson summary. The further reading is very important if you wish to gain real depth to your understanding. There is also a suggested follow-up activity which is designed to help you continue the process of reflection and learning. It is a good idea to discuss the lessons with colleagues and friends, especially if you are working in a microfinance organisation.

The lessons are designed to be used on a fast cable or satellite internet connection, using an up to date web browser with Javascript support. If you have a slow internet connection, it will be difficult to do the lessons satisfactorily. At present a low bandwidth version is not available. We would like to assess the demand for this feature, so if you feel a plain text version which will work on a slow internet connection would be useful to you, please let us know via the feedback link on the Lessons website. Occasionally you may receive an error message when working through a lesson. This is likely to be temporary and restarting the lesson may resolve the problem. If you find a consistent error when attempting to work through a lesson, please contact the lesson manager - there is a link at the bottom of each page.

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