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Uganda Martyrs University

Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) whose main Campus is located at Nkozi 82 kms west of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, was started in October 1993. It is a Catholic university whose aim is to develop professional people who will combine career competence with a strong sense of moral responsibility and the social values demanded by the challenges of the world today. It is open to all regardless of religious affiliation. The University is committed to principles of sustainable development and serving the community through outreach and community-oriented programmes and initiatives, especially in relation to the marginalized, poor and vulnerable.

The University has a Centre for Extra-Mural Studies and Distance Learning. The main target group for their programmes are professional people who wish to expand their knowledge of their chosen field and to upgrade their qualifications. The chief means of course delivery are through printed guides, workbooks and residential sessions that, on average, last between two or three weeks per year. The cost of each course varies according to the level of the course and the time taken to complete it.

Programmes on offer at the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies include an Associate Degree in Microfinance and Community Economic Development. This is a two year programme that was developed with the assistance of GTZ. it is intended for those working in the microfinance sector. The distance learning materials are available in English and French.  -  English (en)

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