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PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance is an international non-profit organization, which aims at alleviating poverty by contributing to the development of the microfinance sector. PlaNet Finance supports microfinance institutions and other microfinance stakeholders (banks, governments, etc.) by providing services that enable them to strengthen their capacities (technical and financial). PlaNet Finance operates in more than 60 countries and has permanent programmes and offices in 15 countries (Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Benin, Senegal, China, India, Italy, USA, Dubai, Portugal, UK, Spain, Belgium, and France).

PlaNet Finance contributes to the capacity building and financing of the microfinance sector through four specialized departments :

  • The Technology Department : supports Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) by helping them use New Information Technology (computer equipment, e-mail address, Web Site design ...).
  • The Knowledge Department : contributes to the capacity building of MFIs by providing trainings and information (Library and virtual University), as well as creating new tools to improve their knowledge on the sector (Risks Central, IKM program).
  • The Rating Department, in assessing MFIs, facilitates their financing by banks, investment funds and other multilateral institutions.
  • The Financing Department, via the Planet Revolving Credit Fund directly participates in the financing of MFIs.

Microfinance Training Institute – Paris

PlaNet Finance’s Training and Technical Support Department aims to promote the knowledge and awareness of microfinance and development in France and in Europe by organizing courses on microfinance in its headquarters in Paris. The courses will start in January 2005 and they are targeted to public in Europe such as; potential donors and investors, academics, students, micro entrepreneurs and any other interested people. Different courses on microfinance will emphasis on theoretical analysis along with best practices so that a unique bridge can be built between management concepts and field experiences to reduce the existing knowledge gap. Courses will be taught in either French or English.

The topics covered are:

  • Basic microfinance & Different Lending Methodology
  • Microfinance & Capital Market
  • Business Strategy for Microfinance Operations
  • Setting up a microfinance program
  • Financial Analysis
  • Microfinance Products and Client Satisfaction  -  English (en)

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