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MicroSave is a programme committed to strengthening the capacity of microfinance service providers to deliver secure, market-led financial solutions to low-income people. The project aims to be at the forefront of efforts to move microfinance from a product-driven to a market-led basis. Their market-led model incorporates product development, product delivery systems, customer service strategies, and corporate brand and identity.

To achieve this goal, the project has combined:

- primary field-level research regarding the financial service needs and preferences of the poor;
- action research working ‘on the ground’ with a selected group of microfinance institutions (MFIs);
- toolkit and curriculum development, and
- widespread information dissemination

This website offers a wealth of practical guidance in the form of research papers, practitioner-focused briefing notes, training curricula and workshops. In particular, the practice-based training toolkits are recommended, which cover a wide variety of key topics, from market research, to risk analysis, costing and product marketing. MicroSave also operate a new pilot project, ‘The Decentralised Financial Services (DFS)’, which is an action research initiative aimed at addressing the problem of rural outreach.  -  English (en)

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