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Association of Ethiopian Micro-Finance Institutions

The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established on 28 June 1999 obtaining a license from the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Government of Ethiopia. The Association is located in Addis-Ababa and has not yet opened regional offices/chapters. AEMFI aims to see a reduced level of poverty and increased level of consumption and ultimately wealth/capital creation in Ethiopia through creating an institutional structure that serves as a national/industry forum and network for microfinance institutions that provide micro-finance services to economically and socially disadvantaged Ethiopians. Currently, it has 28 Member microfinance institutions from the whole country.

To achieve its objective AEMFI carry out activities like; training, research, performance and monitoring database, MFI industry promotion and publication, workshop, conference, exchange visits, administration, fund raising and maintaining microfinance resource center. The supreme decision making body in AEMFI’s organizational structure is its general assembly which consists the board chairpersons and general mangers of member MFIs. Each member MFI has equal representation in the general assembly via its board chairperson and general manager. The general assembly every two years, elect and appoint the board of directors and auditors of AEMFI. The executive director AEMFI is appointed by the board of directors and is a non-voting. Under the executive director there are 7 units: research unit, advocacy and program unit, performance and monitoring unit, SACCOS unit, training unit, MIS unit, and administration unit, that are working to accomplish its goal.

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