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AQUADEV was born in 1987, through the initiative of some students convinced of the need for acting in solidarity with the populations of the poorest countries. They were initially interested in the role of water in development but became active in microfinance ten years ago. The experience accumulated since 1994 has led them to support, from 1998 onwards, national expertise units named "AdFinance". In the scope of their five year program 2003-2008, these units are already fully operational in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Rwanda. A new unit will be set up in Morocco in 2005, followed by others in Congo and Benin.

The AdFinance units support organisations offering financial services to disadvantaged people. The support is structured in four categories:

  1. Diagnosis/audit (financial, institutional, organizational, computers, security, human resources,…)
  2. Engineering (setting-up of a Management Information System, "AdBanking",…)
  3. Advising (elaborating policies, procedures, support to networking, help to constitution,…)
  4. Training for microfinance professions

Aquadev and ADFinance have developed together the ADbanking microfinance software. This is based on the following principles:

  • It is flexible and can be adapted to specific local microfinance needs,
  • It doesn't require complex or high specification equipment,
  • There is an on-field help-desk and support from the local AD team,
  • An adapted version for Western Africa, integrating the Central Bank of West African States and the PARMEC law standards (e.g. prudential ratios) is available.

The Aquadev website provides other useful information about their tools for microfinance practitioners, as well as a selection of links and publications in French particularly.  -  English (en)

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Keywords Agricultural Microfinance, Capacity Building, Information Management Systems (Mis), Information And Communication Technology
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