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Rural Women in Africa: Ideas for Earning Money

This interactive resource is the first in a series under development by IWTC in partnership with Media One, Kampala and IDRC/Acacia Project, Nairobi. The "computer book" as the narrator refers to it, is for rural African women entrepreneurs who have access to a computer through a telecentre but no experience in using one. The computer book is available online for direct use, free of charge, by those who have access to an internet connection and can also be obtained on CD-ROM.

The “computer book” is made up of three main sections plus an introduction and uses a visual format with audio narration for ease of access by those with minimal or no education. The sections are as follows:

  • Introduction – explains the computer and how to use it, explains the purpose of the “computer book” and how to navigate through it using the navigational tools.
  • Starting with what we have – recognition of the resources women have and thinking of new ideas for using what they have.
  • Making money from a product or service – guidance on choosing a product or service, pricing the product or service, getting the product to the customer and promoting the product or service.
  • Expanding our opportunities – exploring new ways of making money, diversifying the current business and how to find the money needed.

The programme is particularly practical as it uses an interactive learning process to promote problem-solving, introduces new ideas and uses experience gained from other successful small-business learning materials. The real life situations and identification of resources within Uganda provide a good example for adaptation to the local situation.

Year of Publication: 2001

Publisher: International Women’s Tribune Centre; IDRC

Rural Women in Africa: Ideas for Earning Money

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Keywords: Money Management, Gender Equality, Enterprise Development, Income Generation