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Index-based Microinsurance for Disaster Risk Reduction

Index insurance has emerged as a disaster management tool for the poor because of its effectiveness in assisting poor people to deal with catastrophes. Focusing on the benefits of Weather based index insurance, MicroSave's Microinsurance expert, Sunil Bhat, talks about the features and scope of weather based index insurance and how it helps the poor in dealing with disasters such as drought, heavy rains, cyclones, storms, typhoons, earthquakes etc. Taking examples from various projects, Sunil shares some of the experiences from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines. He further talks about the challenges faced by index insurance projects in these countries and the potential for scaling up index insurance.

Speakers: Sunil S. Bhat and Lisa Chassin

Year of Publication: 2014

Publisher: MicroSave

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Keywords: Index Insurance, Weather Index-Based Insurance, Micro-Insurance