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Financial Inclusion 2020 Webinar

Originally held on February 7, 2013, this Financial Inclusion 2020 webinar with Visa, Citi, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CGAP, Accion, and the Center for Financial Inclusion was a convening of thought leaders to discuss how to achieve financial inclusion for the more than 2 billion people worldwide who lack access to basic financial services. Learn more about this new global campaign with the goal of achieving a world with universal access to quality financial services through unprecedented collaboration among leading companies, NGOs, and policymakers. Learn more at

Michael Schlein, President and Chief Executive Officer, Accion
Evelyn Stark, Senior Program Officer, Financial Services for the Poor, Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion
Kate McKee, Senior Adviser, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)
Graham Macmillan, Senior Program Officer for Financial Inclusion,Citi Foundation
Bill Gajda, Head of Global Mobile Product, Visa Inc.

Susy Cheston, Senior Advisor, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion

Year of Publication: 2013

Publisher: Center for Financial Inclusion

Keywords: Financial Inclusion, Financial Services