Community-based tree and forest enterprises

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This website includes links to the useful Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) materials. MA&D aims at identifying and encouraging micro and small-scale tree and forest product enterprises in order to strengthen peoples' livelihood strategies in rural communities, while at the same time ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. The MA&D process is based on one preliminary planning phase and three successive main phases:

  1. Identifying potential enterprises; making inventories of existing resources and products; identifying products that are already providing income for local people; and, eliminating non-viable products. Financial objectives are determined by the people who are interested in developing enterprises.
  2. Selecting the most promising products, identifying potential markets and discussing the means to commercialise the products.
  3. Preparing the enterprise strategy and business plans. Future entrepreneurs are guided through a pilot phase and training, learning to monitor their progress and to adapt when change is needed.

This website provide links to the MA&D materials which are all downloadable. These are:

  • Users' guide to the field manual
  • Introduction: Defining where you want to end up
  • Phase 1: Assess the existing situation
  • Phase 2: Identify products, markets and means of marketing
  • Phase 3: Plan enterprises for sustainable development
  • Case Study: Designing tree, forest and home garden product enterprises for sustainable development
  • Map of process

The publications include Field Facilitators' Guidelines. Examples of the MA&D method being applied in Colombia, Ganbia and Uganda are featured on the site.

Community-based forest enterprise development  -  English (en)

Empresas comunitarias de productos forestales  -  Spanish (es)

Développement des entreprises forestières communautaires  -  French (fr)

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