Savings and Loan Associations - Combining short term benefits with long term structural change - A guide for practioners

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This guide provides an overview of a promising methodology in civil society development combining microfinance and classic development work, namely the formation of savings and loan associations, and clustering of those into Federations or networks, which can voice the interests and claim the fulfilment of rights of the poor.

The main purpose of this publication is to provide a strategic reference for civil society organizations and their Southern partners and to inspire continued capacity development of Southern partners through the promotion and development of savings and loans associations. This guide argues that there is potential in savings and loan associations to build civil society and that this potential should be realized.

Document Information

Document Type Guideline
Author Pors, K. K.
Year of Publication 2011
Publisher Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD), Danish Forum for Microfinance (DFM)
Number of Pages 60 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
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