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Expanding the Frontier in Rural Microfinance: Financial Linkages and Strategic Alliances

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Despite significant innovations in rural microfinance over the years, millions of people around the world still do not have access to financial services. Can linkages and strategic alliances between formal and informal financial institutions and private firms help resolve this problem? Drawing on 11 case studies and 1 review conducted in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the author shows how formal financial institutions and companies use a variety of less formal, often rural, organizations to overcome the information and enforcement problems of serving rural clients. This book is of interest to all involved in rural development, particularly those concerned with financing economic development and innovation. - publisher's site  -  English (en)

Document Information

Document Type Book
Author Maria Pagura
Year of Publication 2008
Publisher Practical Action Publishing; Published in association with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Number of Pages 285 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Rural Finance, Financial Linkages, Rural Development, Strategic Alliances
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