Loan Performer software is a Management Information System that integrates basic Client data with Shares, Savings and Loan transactions and every entry is automatically updated in the General Ledger.

Loan performer handles individual clients as well as groups. Deposits and loans can be tracked at group level or at group-member level. This makes the program suitable for Solidarity lending, Village-Banking and Grameen-type lending.

Loan Performer comes standard in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian that can be mixed in the same network. It handles 11 user levels: guest user, savings officer, loan officer, cashier, teller, assistant accountant, accountant, assistant manager, manager, and supervisor. Also, it comes with more than 150 standard reports, which can be run with a wide variety of criteria.

Loan Performer has the following modules:

  • Base module
  • Shares
  • Savings
  • Loans - software supports individual lending as well as group lending with either tracking of group loan at group level (Village Banking) or at group member level (Grameen type lending)
  • Accounting (with Assets and Debtors/Creditors modules)

Pricing policy of the organizations is that for the companies up to 500 clients/loans, Loan Performer is free of charge. A single user, one branch license is USD 900 plus 20% annual fees. The company charges an annual fee for free updates and email/phone/fax/FTP support. A 5-user, one branch license is USD 1,600 plus 20% annual fees. A 12-user, one branch license is USD 2,200 plus 20% annual fees. A 20-user SQL Server or SQL Server Express license is USD 3,000 plus 20% annual fees. In the case when an organization has more than one branch and wants to buy licenses for several branches, the company gives rebates according to the number of branches (starting from 35% onwards).

Loan Performer software has been developed by Crystal Clear Software Ltd., Uganda based company. The software has been rated as “Best value for money” by CGAP.

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