Microfinance Sustainability Management - Post COVID-19

Distance Learning

Monday, August 3, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020

The Microfinance Association “Microfinance Sustainability Management” online short course provides you with a working knowledge of the social, economic and sustainability challenges that your institution has to face post – COVID-19.

The Microfinance Sustainability Management course is centered on the notion that sustainability is integral to ensuring that a microfinance institution can continue to operate in a world where there are finite resources. It is also important that these institutions are able to deliver benefits to both shareholders and the communities.

Course Content
Module 1             Re-thinking Strategic Leadership and Management -  Post COVID-19.
Module 2             Management Values and Sustainability issues.
Module 3             A new approach to Branch Management and Workplace Rules Post COVID-19.
Module 4             Product Development and Delivery.
Module 5 :          Delinquency Management – Post COVID-19.
Module 6:           Managing Risks -  Post COVID-19.
Module 7             Create a personalised sustainability action plan.
Module 8             Revamping your business approach – Post COVID-19.

Organizer Microfinance Association
Email ade@microfinanceassociation.org
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Keywords Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mfi Management

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