Governance at Central Banks, Banks, NBFIs, MFIs, Fintechs and Cooperatives in the COVID-19 Era

Distance Learning

Friday, August 14, 2020

COVID-19 as well as the measures (like lockdowns, stay home to stay safe directives, etc.) to tackle it have together resulted in a deep-rooted demand and supply macroeconomic shock that, in turn, has created an economic crisis impacting the whole world. Thus, COVID-19 perhaps represents the most serious test of the global financial system after the 2008 (global) financial crisis. When the loan repayment moratorium periods offered by central banks expire, the huge debt overhang may not be easily serviceable. 

That said, what can central banks, banks, non-bank financial institution (NBFIs), microfinance institutions (MFIs), fintechs, cooperatives and other financial institutions do to ensure that financial stability is not seriously threatened? What specific actions can they take in real time? 

Session Plan

  • What are the key components of governance that need the attention of central banks, banks, NBFIs, MFIs, fintechs, co-operatives and other financial institutions to ensure financial stability in the COVID-19 era and thereafter?
  • How can these be implemented in real time on the ground by the aforementioned stakeholders concerned?
  • What mechanisms are necessary along with incentives for smooth and seamless implementation of these governance guidelines at central banks, banks, NBFIs, MFIs, fintechs, cooperatives and other financial institutions?
  • The format of the virtual conference will include presentation(s), discussions and wrap-up.
Organizer Financial Inclusion Advocacy Centre
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Keywords Coronavirus (COVID-19), Financial Stability

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