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Virtual Meeting to discuss establishment of the Global Network for capacity building to increase access of small-scale fisheries to financial services

On 29th April, FAO and APRACA organized a virtual meeting to discuss the establishment of a “Global Network for capacity building to increase access of small-scale fisheries to financial services”. The Network envisions becoming a platform for experts working in finance and insurance provision to the fisheries sector. It is planned that the Network would provide advice to regional agriculture and rural credit associations, IFMs, insurers and development projects on specific finance and insurance issues in fisheries and aquaculture, with a focus on small-scale producers. During the first virtual regional meeting, some key stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific region discussed the potential scope of work, organizational structure, membership, coordination, communication, priority activities as well as resource mobilization. In May and June, similar meetings will be held with stakeholders in the Americas and Africa, to gather their inputs and feedback. The FAO Secretariat is developing a value proposition that would make it attractive for private sector stakeholders in the financial sector to join the Network and identifies specific roles for fisherfolk organizations within the Network. More information on the 1st meeting can be found here (insert link to PDF).

If you are potentially interested in joining the Network, please contact:   

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