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The insurance for small-scale fisheries

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The insurance for small-scale fisheries brochure describes why insurance is important for the sustainable development and management of small-scale fisheries. It discusses the benefits and challenges of insurance, as well as options for insurance provision to small-scale fishers and what insurance for small-scale fisheries looks like. Traditional and alternative models for small-scale fisheries insurance are presented and the brochure gives ideas for creating an enabling environment for insuring small-scale fishers.

Information on recent FAO publications that support fisheries insurance is included.

Document Information

Document Type Reference Material
Author Suchitra Upare, Raymon van Anrooy, Tipparat Pongthanapanich, Fabiola Espinoza, Henry DeBey, Keyan Liu and Jackie Alder.
Year of Publication 2020
Publisher FAO
Number of Pages 12
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Insurance, small-scale fishery
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