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Summary of responses to COVID-19 pandemic by APRACA member institutions

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APRACA during the last 4 weeks conducted a survey to understand the preparedness and responses of APRACA members across the region to understand the followings:

  1. What is the impact of COVID-19 that you are expecting on the agricultural sector in your country (macro level)?
  2. How the supply of finance to agriculture and allied sectors are being impacted due to COVID-19 (both Macro and micro level)?
  3. What are the responses by your organization to reach out to your customers engaged in agriculture and allied business?
  4. What are the policy measures taken by the national government and central banks to ease the impact of COVID-19 on agricultural finance?

The survery includes responses from 14 Institutions from 9 countries which are compiled and presented below:

South Asia: India (NABARD and State Bank of India), Nepal (ADBL and NCBL) and Pakistan (State Bank of Pakistan)

Southeast Asia: Philippines (ACPC, KMBI), Thailand (BAAC), Laos (APB) and Vietnam (VBARD, VBSP)

East Asia: Japan (JFC) and China (ADBC and HTRCB)

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Keywords Coronavirus (COVID-19), Financial Institution
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