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Attention points business continuity for MFIs in view of the COVID-19 outbreak

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This guidance note is organized in two main parts including guidance for analysis and a checklist of measures for crisis management and BCP. The note is meant to be a practical tool for MFIs. It can be used entirely or partially depending on the specific needs and stages of the situation.
The objective of the present note is to provide reference guidelines to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)/Financial Service Providers (FSPs) when preparing their own Business Continuity Plan to face the pandemic crisis in order to:

  • Maintain responsible treatment of clients and support to come up with measures to cope with theCOVID-19 situation
  • Minimize the risk of infections and insure responsible treatment of employees and agents duringthe crisis
  • Minimize the risks for the institution in order to ensure business continuity during and after the crisis
  • Proactively communicate with all stakeholders.


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Document Information

Document Type Technical Note
Author Hans Hekkenberg and Wendy Medrano-Lazo in collaboration with Paula Cortes, Soulemane Djobo, Catherine Liziard, Simone Uccheddu and Massimo Vita.
Year of Publication 2020
Publisher ADA
Number of Pages 20
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Coronavirus (COVID-19), Microfinance Institutions, Financial Service Providers, Business Continuity Plan
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