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IFAD Research Series Issue 51: Inclusive finance and rural youth

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This study analyses inclusive finance and rural youth through cutting-age research with new insights and approaches that have emerged over the years in the field.

The overall narrative documents the ways in which rural youth engage with the economy, policy and institutions and identifies the rapid changes occurring across the globe as well as the opportunities and challenges that young people living in rural areas encounter in their different livelihoods. Within this context, financial inclusion has gained attention as a key contributing factor to unlock the potential of rural youth in driving sustainable and inclusive rural transformation.

Recent developments in this sector give new opportunities for rural youth and highlight persistent barriers that prevent rural youth from accessing financial and non-financial services.

Document Information

Document Type Paper
Author Arianna Gasparri, Laura Munoz
Year of Publication 2019
Publisher International Fund for Agricultural Development
Number of Pages 37 pages
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Youth Finance, Rural Development, Employment, Rural Finance
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