Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2019

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Governments play a key role in enabling growth in agriculture. Laws and regulations influence the cost of production and determine the extent to which the private sector can benefit from investment and trade. Supportive regulations facilitate farmers’ participation in agricultural value chains, whereas unnecessary burdens prevent them from reaping the benefits of the increasing global food demand. Enabling the Business of Agriculture assesses whether governments make it easier for farmers to operate their businesses. The indicators provide a measure of progress and identify regulatory obstacles to market integration and entrepreneurship in agriculture. With globally comparable data on regulations covering agricultural inputs, plant health, access to credit and markets, the study finds large disparities across countries on the strength of regulations and the efficiency of their implementation. 

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Document Type Report
Year of Publication 2019
Publisher The World Bank
Number of Pages 142 pages
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Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Agribusiness, enabling environment
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