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Blended Concessional Finance: The Rise of Returnable Capital Contributions

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In new and challenging markets, blended concessional finance—the combining of concessional funds with other types of finance, on commercial terms—is increasingly used to mobilize capital and accelerate highimpact private sector investments. However, a relatively new approach for the provision of concessional capital for use by development finance institutions is emerging—the “returnable capital” model. With this new model, principal, interest, and other amounts are repaid to the original provider of funds (usually a government) on a regular basis. Because this can reduce the impact on donor government budgets, more government funds could become available for collaboration with the private sector. This note explores the effects of this new model on incentives, accounting, resource management, and reporting.

Document Information

Document Type Paper
Author Arthur Karlin and Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante
Year of Publication 2019
Publisher International Finance Corporation
Number of Pages 8 pages
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Blended Concessional Finance, Returnable Capital Model, Investments
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