State of the Digital Financial Services Market in Zambia, 2018

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For Zambia’s digital financial services industry, 2018 saw growth in the number of active DFS account users, growth in the number of agents nationwide and growth in the number of products available to customers. These indicators of growth in the industry are findings in the Annual Provider Survey (APS), which UNCDF has conducted for over three years, and which UNCDF and Bank of Zambia compiled into the State of the Zambia DFS Industry 2018 Report.

Our 2018 Report revealed that 18 DFS providers operated in Zambia, the same as the previous year, and though no new products were launched in the year, the majority of providers considered DFS a commercially sustainable side of their business. This year, 85% of providers continuously increased investment in their technical and organisational capacity, and providers dedicated more than 72% of their DFS staff to agent network management, further illustrating how meaningful these services are to providers. The number of active agents in Zambia’s DFS ecosystem has seen an increase of 104% from 2017. 

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