Promoting Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Competitiveness in Africa: Data for de-risking investment

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Most investors seek information about local suppliers before making decisions to invest. This report uses ITC data on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) competitiveness at macro, meso and micro-level to de-risk investment decisions.
Survey results show: high-tech potential among youth, with two-thirds of IT firms run by youth in the Gambia; fast logistics development making a difference, with two-thirds of Moroccan SMEs rating quality as high; export certification importance, with more than 25% of companies in French-speaking African countries meeting international standards; and a financial literacy role for institutions, with Nigerian SMEs holding a bank account understanding loan applications better than nonaccount owners.

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Year of Publication 2018
Publisher International Trade Centre
Number of Pages 82 pages
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Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Long-Term Finance and Capital Markets, Pension Funds, Housing Finance, Africa Long Term Finance Initiative (ALTFI), Financial Inclusion, Trade Finance, Sme Finance
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