The Financial Inclusion Compass 2018: The Inaugural e-MFP Survey of Financial Inclusion Trends

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This paper presents the findings of the inaugural e-MFP Survey of Financial Inclusion Trends. The Financial Inclusion Compass was conceived to respond to what e-MFP sees every year at European Microfinance Week – a very strong appetite for discussion about the consequences of current trends, and the possible landscape of financial inclusion 5, 10 or 15 years from now.

The survey was mixed methodology, asking for scoring of particular selected financial inclusion trends, their importance and direction of progress, and ratings of selected future areas of focus, as well as asking for qualitative responses on issues both granular and general – from the short to the long-term future.

According to survey respondents, the five most important criteria in driving increased access and usage of financial services are seen as:

  1. Client Protection.
  2. Regulatory Environment.
  3. Governance.
  4. Outreach to Low-Income Segments.
  5. Technology and New Delivery Channels.

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