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Driving Digital Financial Services through High-Volume Payments

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The future success of inclusive digital finance depends on finding better and more affordable uses for digital wallets that will encourage low-income customers to use them regularly and repeatedly. High-volume payments (HVP) have gained industry attention as a means to drive or diversify usage, particularly among low-income customers. To better understand the prerequisites to implement HVP digitally and to unlock the opportunity of digital finance, the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) has sought greater clarity on the requirements necessary for HVP to drive active account usage as well as the roles and activities of different actors involved in the digitization effort. This report combines the key observations, hypotheses and recommendations from this research. It draws on information available and insights from projects that UNCDF has implemented with partners between 2015 and 2017.

Document Information

Document Type Report
Year of Publication 2018
Publisher UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Number of Pages 20 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords mobile money, digital finance, Financial Inclusion, High-Volume Payments
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