State of the Digital Financial Services Market in Zambia, 2017

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This publication provides key insights into the state of the Zambian digital financial services (DFS) market, drawing on data collected through the 2018 UNCDF-MM4P Annual Provider Survey, and complemented by data from other sources such as GSMA and the Agent Network Accelerator Survey conducted by the Helix Institute of Digital Finance.

The survey was developed by the UNCDF-MM4P team and administered to providers that offer digital financial solutions, including mobile money operators, banks and third-party operators in Zambia. The survey included both quantitative and qualitative questions. Quantitative data were collected on the following indicators:

  • Total number of customers, registered and active (90 days).
  • Number of unique active customers by service type.
  • Volume and value of transactions conducted by customers through customer accounts. 
  • Volume and value of transactions conducted by customers at agent locations. 
  • Number of agents, registered and active (30 days).
  • Total volume and value of transactions at agent locations.
  • Commissions paid to agents.

Qualitative information was collected on the performance of the institutions interviewed along with their strategic focus areas, key challenges and engagement level with the UNCDF-MM4P programme in Zambia.

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