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Africa To Africa Investment - A First Look

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Africa-to-Africa Investment: a first look’ aims to take the conversation on investing in the continent one step further. It is the first attempt to showcase how African companies and policymakers are driving investments in Africa and what more can be done moving ahead. To start to plug the data gap on intra-African investments, the report takes a look at the dynamics behind African investment from the point of view of leading African companies. It shares key lessons and experiences to offer practical solutions for the region’s investors. The report features case stories from eight publicly listed or privately owned African companies operating in a range of sectors. Each has a significant African footprint – registered and operational in at least one country outside of the company’s home base. The companies represent consumer services, finance, industry, media and diversified portfolios and investment from across North Africa (Morocco), West Africa (Nigeria, Togo), East and Central Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya) and Southern Africa (Mauritius, South Africa).

Document Information

Document Type Report
Year of Publication 2018
Publisher African Development Bank
Number of Pages 40 pp,
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Long-Term Finance, Institutional Investors, Capital Markets, Access To Finance, Banking, private equity
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