2017 CSAF State of the Sector

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With global population projected to reach more than nine billion by 2050, demand for food expected to double over the same period, and increasingly volatile climate conditions, there are both daunting needs and compelling opportunities to increase productivity and strengthen resilience among the world’s 450 million smallholder farmers. One of the most effective and efficient channels to reach these farmers is the small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME): the cooperatives, associations, traders, processors, and exporters that act as critical intermediaries within increasingly complex global food and agricultural supply chains. By connecting smallholder farmers to markets and providing employment to rural populations, these businesses have the potential to generate inclusive and sustainable economic growth for households, communities, and entire countries that are dependent on agriculture. 

CSAF is pleased to share this third annual “State of the Sector” report, which highlights recent growth trends and notes the risks associated with agricultural finance. We also provide data-driven insights and recommendations on how investors, donors, and others can address the evolving, and still largely unmet, needs of smallholder farmers and the businesses that connect them to markets.

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