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Financial Inclusion Fit to Size: Customizing digital credit for smallholder farmers in Tanzania

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Based on insights collected during their research, Dalberg's Design Impact Group designed and prototyped a new digital credit product for smallholder farmers and evaluated their response to it. This idealized digital credit product builds on existing products available in the Tanzanian market, but has five new components, each with multiple differentiated features, that meet the unique credit needs and behaviors of smallholders. These new components include:

  • Design enhancements to the core product to make loan sizes and repayment terms more relevant and manageable for smallholder farmers
  • Supporting features to improve customer engagement with the product
  • Ideas to increase the effectiveness of marketing, customer training, agent support, and other functions that drive product adoption and usage

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Document Information

Document Type Brief
Author Juma, C.T., Pathak, P. Killewo, S.
Year of Publication 2016
Publisher The Initiative for Smallholder Finance
Number of Pages 11 pp.
Region / Country Global, Africa / Tanzania
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords financial inlcusion, digital finance, Smallholder Farming, smallholders
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