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Simple Book-keeping and Business Management Skills

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This training manual is designed to teach small scale entrepreneurs how to use their numeracy skills in improving their businesses. The material was developed and tested in Ghana but it an easily be adapted to suit local situations in other countries. The manual covers the following topics:

  1. The importance of book-keeping
  2. The use of symbols in book-keeping
  3. Income and expenditure
  4. The use of the cash book
  5. Profit and loss
  6. How to use the profit
  7. Buying and selling on credit
  8. The credit book
  9. Costing and pricing
  10. Business planning
  11. Business management

Document Information

Document Type Document
Author Meijerink, R.
Year of Publication 1997
Publisher Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Number of Pages 83 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Bookkeeping, Business Management, Accounting Principles
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