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Environmentally Sound Technologies for Women in Agriculture

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The preface to this extensive manual notes that women are critical to the well-being of farm households. It further suggests that perhaps, ironically, it is because women have so many responsibilities that they have been overlooked by agriculturalists and policy makers. Yet, women are involved in all aspects of agriculture, from crop selection to land preparation, to seed selection, planting, weeding, pest control, harvesting, crop storage, handling, marketing, and processing. Hence, the development of farming technologies relevant to women is reasoned to be of significant importance.

The manual was produced using a modified version of an approach developed by IIRR to prepare information and training materials quickly and efficiently. Topics were solicited from author-experts all over India. Topics have been edited and laid out to make them interesting and easy to understand and include useful illustrations wherever possible to assist in explaining technologies. The manual is largely targeted at extension agents, although should also be used by community members.

The book is made up of the following topics, each constituting a different chapter:

  • Animal husbandry and dairying
  • Vegetables and post-harvest technologies
  • Organic farming
  • Seed production and storage
  • Pests and pesticides
  • Drudgery reduction
  • Water management for farm and home
  • Fish production
Environmentally Sound Technologies for Women in Agriculture (Amazon)  -  English (en)

Document Information

Document Type Book
Author IFWA and IIRR
Year of Publication 1996
Publisher International Federation for Women in Agriculture, New Delhi, India, and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Number of Pages 213 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Environment, Farming, Technology
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