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Investment Learning Platform (ILP)

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The Investment Learning Platform (ILP)  aims to provide concise and practical guidance to those who plan, formulate, implement or evaluate public investment in agriculture and rural development, in particular government staff and their national or international advisors, as well as partners in investment, such as representatives of producer organizations, think-tanks research institutes or universities, and financing institutions. 

The structure of the ILP aims to provide easy entry points for users to find guidance linked to their particular challenge or interest. Users can enter by choosing the relevant phase of the investment cycle, or a particular theme/task. Short overview texts are complemented by links to further tools and resources. These are deliberately selective, with a focus on the essentials rather than a comprehensive list of all relevant publications.

The ILP builds upon the knowledge and experience of the FAO Investment Centre with its 50 years of practice in supporting agricultural investment in 170 countries, and further draws upon key resources from partners and other knowledge organizations.

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