Finance for Smallholders - Opportunities for risk management by linking financial institutions and producer organisations

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The purpose of the study is to map practices from the 14 case studies and learn from good and innovative practices. The aim is to improve the approach of NpM/APF and the members of both networks in their efforts to facilitate access to finance for smallholders.

The specific objectives of the study are:

  1. To get better insight into how to provide appropriate financial products and services to smallholder farmers and their produce organisations;
  2. To investigate current practices and methodologies to address the known problems andconstraints of the small producers and POs related to accessing funds;
  3. To map how linkage between these (potential) clients, microfinance institutions (MFIs) andbanks can be strengthened;
  4. To compile lessons learned for policy guidelines and implications for the role of the Dutchsupport organisations in facilitating these linkages for appropriate access to finance;  
  5. To give recommendations on how can best practices and guidelines can be incorporated into organisations that are members of NpM, APF and e-MFP.
Finance for Smallholders - full report  -  English (en)

Finance for Smallholders - summary report  -  English (en)

Finance for Smallholders - case studies report  -  English (en)

Document Information

Publisher Platform for Inclusive Finance (NpM)
Number of Pages 74 pp.
Region / Country Global, Africa / Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda, Uganda
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Risk Management, Small Farmers, Inclusive Finance
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