From Microfinance to Macro Changes: Integrating Health Education and Microfinance to Empower Women and Reduce Poverty

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This advocacy booklet calls for integration of reproductive health education with microfinance services in developing countries. It presents individual stories, case studies and dramatic findings to show the impact this combination can have on reducing poverty and improving individual lives. The booklet also offers eight concrete recommendations for action. The first section reviews the links between poverty, poor health and inequality. The next explores the effectiveness of microfinance as a poverty reduction strategy. The third section shows how combining microfinance with reproductive health education can yield greater benefits. The final section offers recommendations for promoting and expanding this strategic combination.

Document Information

Document Type Document
Author Watson, A, Dunford, C, Toure, A, Iskikawa, K, Daley-Harris, S and Awimbo, A
Year of Publication 2006
Publisher Microcredit Summit Campaign
Number of Pages 16 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Agricultural Microfinance, Health, Poverty, Inequality
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