Accounting is a Kid’s Game: Introduction to the Dynamics of Financial Statements

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Accounting is an important matter that cannot be left only in accountants' hands. Everyone dealing with money in any kind of organization needs to know the basic principles of accounting, in order to understand his/her economic situation and be able to take decisions leading to the success of his/her activities'.

This first book of the series 'Accounting is a Kid’s Game' developed by ADA, Appui au Développement Autonome, and the NGO Alternativas (from Mexico) explains, in a clever and entertaining way, the basic principles and dynamics of the two fundamental accounting documents: the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement.

The book is addressed to urban and rural people who regularly carry out economic operations, individually or cooperatively. By simulating the creation of a cooperative enterprise, the authors show us, in a clear way, how the different economic activities and the financial situation of an enterprise are recorded in these two key accounting statements. These fundamental rules constitute a solid base for better understanding of the technical concepts of accountancy.

The book covers the following topics:

  • What is a Financial Statement?
  • The Balance Sheet
  • How to start accountancy in a cooperative enterprise: how to register income, investment and production.
  • The Income Statement.
  • The Balance and the Income Statement

At the end everything is summarised in diagrams and charts to show that it is just like a "kid's game"!

The simple and didactic presentation of this book makes it a highly recommended manual for trainers and facilitators providing training for entrepreneurs. The approach is so innovative and entertaining that it is useful for anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of financial management and who needs to explain it to others, e.g. credit officers, extension officers, cooperative managers.

Document Information

Document Type Study Guide
Author G. Herrerias, R. Hernandez
Year of Publication 1998
Publisher ADA-Appui au Developppement Autonome y Alternativas Procesos de Participación Social A.C.
Number of Pages 78 pp.
Region / Country Global /
Primary Language English (en)
Keywords Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Financial Statements, Accounting Standards
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