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Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise

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CEFE is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-orientated approach and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups, mostly in the context of income and employment generation and economic development. The CEFE method’s main objective is to improve the entrepreneurial performance of economic actors through guided self-analysis, stimulating enterprising behaviour, and the build up of business competencies.

Training is provided in many countries by qualified trainers working for a variety of local organisations, often with international backing. Details of CEFE courses and local information can be obtained from the CEFE website or the email address provided.

CEFE’s training methodologies have been applied in a variety of situations but its core focus remains the stimulation of growth in the small and medium enterprise development process where the emphasis with entrepreneurs is on improving their business performance, while with personnel from enterprise support and regulatory institutions, more attention is given to creating a positive enabling environment at the macro and meso level.

There are essentially 6 stages in a CEFE training programme regardless of the target group. The first stage is ‘awareness’, in which participants are encouraged to examine who they are, clarify their own values, and evaluate their own personality, motivations, capabilities and personal resources. The second stage is ‘acceptance’ or recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses – not everyone has to be a hero or leader, but being more creative, innovative, and competent is likely to produce rewards in any profession. The third stage is ‘goal-setting’, where the emphasis is placed in developing clarity of purpose in one’s short and long term goals of life. The fourth stage involves developing ‘strategies or action plans’ which are orientated to generating growth. This is includes the upgrading of knowledge about economics and entrepreneurial decision-making. The fifth is ‘direct experience’ where the emphasis is on doing: structured learning experiences and encountering “real life” situations assist in building up this experience in which strategies are tested, evaluated and modified. The last stage is ‘transformation and empowerment’ where the competencies acquired come together into a pattern which matches personal strengths and weaknesses with goals.

The website offers news items, access to reports and resources, case studies as well as access to brainstorm, the online CEFE magazine. It also provides details of CEFE events and projects.  -  English (en)

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