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Power Women’s and Girls Financial Access and Agency Assessment in Solomon Islands

UNCDF has developed a global “PoWER” strategy (Participation of Women in the Economy Realized) to drive women and girls’ economic empowerment by improving their access to, usage of, and agency over financial services, to address the financial inclusion gender gap in Solomon Islands.

UNCDF has previously carried out multi-country assessments to gain a deeper understanding of the country-specific constraints that women and girls face in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Senegal and Tanzania. The PoWER country assessment toolkit is available as a public good, to deepen understanding of these constraints in other countries.

The formal financial inclusion gender gap in Solomon Islands stands at 15%, one of the highest in the Pacific region. Women are more likely than men to turn to informal financial services to meet their financial needs. This is driven largely by sociocultural norms which cause a wide disparity in literacy, employment and economic agency between men and women.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
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