VisionFund International brings financial inclusion to refugees in West Nile settlements

VisionFund International (VisionFund), the mission-focused microfinance subsidiary of children's charity World Vision, today announces that VisionFund Uganda is the first microfinance organisation to have established a branch in Moyo to serve the Palorinya refugee settlement, a remote part of Uganda home to over 121,000 refugees and over 48,000 Ugandan nationals. VisionFund plans to bring financial services to the refugees at scale and will open a further three branches in 2020 with the second branch planned in the coming months in Yumbe district to serve both Yumbe town as well as the Bidibidi seettlement, one of the largest refugee settlements in the world, home to over 230,000 refugees.

Working with World Vision savings groups, VisionFund Uganda provides financial literacy training and loans to savings groups in Palorinya – mainly comprised of women from both the refugee and host communities - in order to enable savings group members to take loans to grow their small businesses and generate an income to support their families. The increase of violence in South Sudan in 2016 has seen over 1.3 million refugees, predominantly women and children, flee across the border into Uganda. Becoming separated from her husband in the chaos of escaping the soldiers in South Sudan, Mary walked for three days with her eight children carrying only a piece of cassava to feed them. She had run a profitable tea shop and been a midwife in her local village, but when she arrived in Uganda, she had to start over again. She made pancakes and sold them in the local market and joined one of the savings groups supported financially by VisionFund Uganda. With a loan from the group, she branched out to grow peas and make nut paste to increase her income. Now she is learning to sew and hopes in time to have her own tailoring shop so that she can continue to educate her children to give them the freedom to choose the futures they want.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020
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