AgriPay Brings Digital Banking to Thousands of Zambian Farmers

The average rural farmer in Zambia lives several kilometres away from their nearest neighbour and even further away from the nearest settlement where shops, agro-dealers and other services, such as agency banking and mobile money booths, would be located. Because the farmers live in remote locations making payments, sending and receiving money are activities not done at their convenience.

Zambia has over two million smallholder farmers and a rural population of about 9.7 million people, with approximately 40% of them being financially excluded. These rural people do not have adequate access to financial infrastructure and services. Not being able to make payments for supplies, receive digital payments or send money as needed means farmers’ productivity is limited. Subsequently, they cannot plan their next growing season, are unable to manage the shocks they may experience and cannot reach their potential. Therefore, providing smallholder farmers with the services they need to improve their productivity has a ripple effect on their livelihoods and the rural community.

Zanaco Bank recognised that smallholder farmers are an important segment of Zambia’s economy, and partnered with the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Agrifin Accelerate (AFA)/Mercy Corps to develop and test the go-to-market strategy for an account that offers farmers services to transact, save, send and receive money. Zanaco will also add features such as agronomic information and financial literacya to help the farmers become more productive, be financially included and better participate in the Zambian economy.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020
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