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The United Nations Rome-based Agencies commit to enhance their cooperation in the Global South to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030

At the Global South-South Development Expo in Antalya (Turkey), the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) presented on Wednesday 29.11.2017 a joint roadmap which aims to strengthen the three agencies’ collective efforts to facilitate South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the context of achieving progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 2, zero hunger, by 2030.

“Considering our respective mandates, comparative advantages and distinctive strengths, all centered around the realm of food security and agriculture, we know we will be more effective if we work together in mainstreaming this cost-effective and innovative mechanism into the development cooperation agenda to achieve the SDGs,” said Dongxin Feng, FAO’s Deputy Director of the Division for Partnerships and South-South Cooperation.

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International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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