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Centre for Microfinance

The aim of the Centre for Microfinance is to improve the general skills and expertise of people working for microfinance institutions and more specifically, to improve management capacity of microfinance institutions.

The Centre's education offering to various interest groups is based on market research conducted in South Africa and the rest of Africa, covering a broad range of needs. It offers training on both formal and informal level to managers, as well as staff members of microfinance institutions.

Microfinance can be defined as all aspects that relate to the provision of appropriate financial services to the poor. This includes savings, credit, transmission and insurance services. In most countries the poor has inadequate access to financial services, mostly due to the high costs of providing these services, but also due to the negative perceptions by financial institutions regarding poor people's ability to repay and to save.

Many institutions are now interested to provide financial services to the poor, largely due to the realization that the cost of service delivery can be decreased through innovative approaches, and also due to the reality that the poor do save, and do repay loans. However, providing financial services to the poor necessitates a good understanding of the market served, and the financial service and product offerings that will be appropriate for the market. There is indeed a lack of capacity in microfinance institutions and the microfinance focused departments of commercial financial institutions, and this is the area that will be covered by this set of courses.

The courses of the Centre for Microfinance are an input into alleviating the capacity constraints in the provision of financial services to the poor. These courses are focused on providing a learning path that supports a career path.

The courses on offer include:

  • Certificate Program in Microfinance
  • Certificate Program for Microfinance Managers
  • Microfinance Master Class
  • Executive Programs in Microfinance
  • MBA Domain in Microfinance

Centre for Microfinance
Graduate School of Management
Graduate Centre Room 2-80
University of Pretoria
Pretoria, 0001

http://www.microfinance.up.ac.za  -  Anglais (en)

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