New Paradigms of Agricultural Development Cooperation in Africa: Lessons from Brazil and China

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As Africa attempts to boost agricultural productivity, many countries are turning to Brazil and China for the possibility of alternative approaches and technologies. Both countries have boasted numerous agricultural achievements, and both are increasing their engagements with African partners.

This policy brief will address these similarities and differences by examining the following questions:

1) How does development ‘aid’ differ from ‘cooperation’?

2) How do Brazil and China describe their approaches to development cooperation and in what ways do they see themselves as different to “traditional donors”?

3) How do Brazil and China support African agricultural technology development in practice?

4) What lessons do these approaches offer for the New Alliance partners?

Document Information

Document Type Brief
Auteur Future Agricultures
Year of Publication 2014
Éditeur Future Agricultures
Nombre de pages 12 pp.
Région / Pays Globale, Amériques, Amérique Du Sud, Asie, Asie de l'Est / Brazil, China
Langue principale Anglais (en)
Mots-clés Coopération, Développement Agricole, Investment
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