Entrepreneur's Guide to Investment in Kenya

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All over the world, entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognised as a key driver of job creation and economic growth. Successful entrepreneurs are celebrated as luminaries, and the entrepreneurial mantra of accepting and learning from failure is being adopted by organisations of all sizes. In other words, it is a great time to be an entrepreneur. This Entrepreneur’s Guide is designed as a comprehensive, accessible, and informative tool that can be useful to entrepreneurs in all stages of their business. Its aim is to help Kenya’s rising entrepreneurs to navigate the nebulous and suboptimal financing landscape.

Document Information

Auteur Anton Root
Year of Publication 2018
Éditeur GIZ
Nombre de pages 124 pp.
Région / Pays Globale /
Langue principale Anglais (en)
Mots-clés Institutional Investors, Capital Market, Accès Au Financement, SME Finance and Leasing, Les Services Bancaires Mobiles, private equity
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